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Friday, May 28, 2004

Long Long Time

hey guys,

this blog comes after a reallllllllllllly long time... i have been to over 4 cities in the meantime and will write about them

soon after my last blog, i went to mussoorie... with my sis and my mama and mami [uncle and aunt] and my cousin 'madhur', we had loads of fun there... horse-riding... although that was no as much fun as in darjeeling... as there is hardly place in mussoorie to make the horse gallop, forget about cantoring... neways, the first day we just had a look around mussoorie... the markets et al, the next day we went to company bagh... its actually a breathtaking view from in there... its at the edge of the mountain and you can see the valley below and loads n loads of mountains on the other side...

soon after we went to kempy falls... and this is where the most hillarious incident of the trip took place... the place was really crowded... so we decided to take the dip in a nearby swimming pool which did not look so dirty... we went there to find a group of guys drunk and bathing... we waited till they had come out... and then i jumped in with my specks on... i obviously lost my specks... the water was cold, not just cold, it was icy.. and my brother was very hesistent to get in there... i found my specks but with a missing lens... so it was no use after all... hell, that day was bad coz there were loads of chicks and i could not see any of them clearly :((

then we went to dhanaulty, its a place lined with fir and deodhar trees, a really romantic spot [if u have a girlfriend on u ;)]... we took a pony to go to a few spots there... man the climb was really precipitous... the path in the mountains [pagdandi] was only about 4 feet wide at max, narrowing down to almost 2 feet at times... so much so that even the ghorawala could not walk alongside... quite a harrowing experience... the spots were good,... including an apple orchard.... neways,, we left soon after... and came back to mussoorie...

so much for mussoorie... the next day i was back in kanpur... and visited my masi who is expecting... she had been advised bed rest by the doctor due to complications in her previous pregnency... her daughter 'mehndi' has turned out to be quite a brat... she kept jumping everywhere... it was a very pretty sight

soon after i was back in cal... and then again in kgp.... doing a summmer course on VLSI [even i don't have the slightest hint what it means :D]... the weather was really 'hot' literally, and it was terrible the first week, though this week has been better had we've had some rains... thanks, rain god :D

chalo will sign off now... its been quite a blog... and i have to head for class


Computers are the DNA of the new world and I am GOD !!!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Time of my life

This blog comes after a long wait... and quite so, the last few days have been cool... My examinations ended on 30th April, and I have been on a roll since then. The one day I was in Kolkata, I went for a movie Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman. The movie is pretty cool, about an engineer building a machine that can peep into his future, and how he uses it to get out of certain death... The action is pretty good and the script is pretty futuristic, somewhat like Minority Report... Ben Affleck is good as the engineer and Uma Thurman is quite charming, and indeed irresistible. However, towards the end the movie becomes slightly Bollywoodish, with loads of unbelievable scenes, and even more unbelievable twists, which we in India have become so used to...

The next day I took the Rajdhani to Delhi, and as soon as I had reached here, I had to ferry luggage for my sister, and boy oh boy, what heavy luggage, my biceps ached for two whole days!!!

However, in the evening I went to watch another movie, Main Hoon Na. This one's a complete entertainer, full of masala and the kind of movie u will enjoy if you leave your brains outside the hall. Some scenes are really funny, esp the Matrix spoof, and the times when ShahRukh starts hearing violins and guitars on being confronted by Sush. Sush is ravishing and has looked quite different from normal bollywood heroines. Zayed has put in a good performance as the funky-no-brainer kid, even Amrita Rao is good :) Suniel Shetty looks trecherous, and Boman Irani is simply awesome as the headmaster with the fickle memory. On the whole a quite entertaining movie. The thing I liked best about it was that it was made on the lines of the entertainers of the 70s and 80s a la Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Golmal, whose influence was quite distinct with the names of Shah Rukh and Zayed being Ram and Lakshman Prasad Sharma.

The next day was pretty cool too... Morning I went to the office, got bored quite soon ;) and then went shopping with my sis, and believe me I did not spend a single penny. Shopping without actually spending yourself can be loads of fun, I discovered that day. I bought a jeans, a cotton chinos, a pair of pajamas and three-quarters and blah blah blah... Sarojini Nagar Market is a cool place, u get everything for 35 bucks, damn good

The next I visited my friend GJ, or rather Gaurav Jain, who lives bang opposite McDonald's in Kamala Nagar... A very convinient place since the place is flanked by all the MNC shops, and most of the good colleges of Delhi including Stephens, Karorimal and Hans Raj college. U get loads of babes rite infront of your house, can u beat that. He says that during his JEE preparation he used to study in his balcony [I would too, given the ambience], and used to take a peep whenever he could not solve a problem... I am green, I am jealous

Friday was the best, I had met up with my friend Maggu G**** at Connaught Place, and just like last year we decided to go and chat inside of Cafe Coffee Day at CP. Now now now, there was a very cozy sofa at the back and a couple there was getting really cozy. I could see all the activity through the mirror, but it was slightly uncomfortable, and I actually turned my chair around. It was a funduu movie going on in there, replete with smooching et al [and not just once, we got to see action replays]... Free movies do interest me, and I enjoyed every moment of it... However, the couple too noticed us noticing them [lolz], and started to leave, while crossing our table, the girl pushed the empty chair beside the table at us and the guy really banged it in... We had a good laugh but not for too long :-(. The guy heard us and came back at us. What followed is indescribable, the only saving grace was that there was this guy from Kgp Aseem Goyal [third year azad], sitting across the distance, and I said I was watching him, and the loverboy actually called him, asking him if he would have been staring at us or not and even gave a snide remark about a guy staring at a guy ;-). Lolz... finally I had to finish it off with a 'I am sorry if I offended you', with a 'but I enjoyed every moment of it, please go back and do it again' under my breath... My friend did not look at a girl after that, but I kept looking at chics unabashed...

About girls at delhi: They are real sexy, and really bold [I really enjoy it]. The comparison of Kolkata and Delhi is pretty simple: both follow the four inch norm with respect to skirts, however, in delhi it is four inches above the knee, but in cal it is four inches above :-((

Chalo bahut hua, will write more later, I am going to Dehradun and Mussurie and expect the next blog after an equally long time

Ciao till then

Computers are the DNA of the new world and I am GOD !!!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Up, Up and Away!!!

It's that time of the year again, whoa, I am getting back home, and have great plans after that. Heading to Delhi, where my sis studies, and then to Mussorie, and Dehradun, with my mama and mami. The trip promises to be fun, and I plan to enjoy every strechable moment of it... Viola... And I also hope to keep the blog updated during that time... though I cannot promise that :))

Anyways, the good thing is that the examinations are done with... the one thing about exams is that they look good in retrospect... esp when u are recounting the horrid, the stone-milking experiences you had at that time. It's fun to tell about exams to others, esp ppl who don't study at IITs... they more-often-than-not start preparing for their examinations almost a month before the exams... and here we sit watching movies one day before the ordeal...

Anyways, the parliament seems to be heading for a coalition this time around. I feel one single party should have come to power, so that it would have a defined set of policies, and would not succumb to arm-twisting by the small regional parties, which takes a lot of credibility away from the government. Whatever, party comes to power [any of the two... there is not much difference I see between the two... both are equally bad], should be given a clear verdict, so that it can work on trying (they never succeed, lolz) to implement its voluble promises it had made during the elections.

Let's see, only time can unfold the future....

c ya and ciao... hope I continue to write the blog for the next few weeks...

Computers are the DNA of the new world and I am GOD !!!